Increase your enterprise asset value with our digital risk engineer platform

With Novem’s integrated IOT, cloud-based software and digital transformation services, your buildings’ data is transformed as an asset.

9 Elements of Healthy, Sustainable Building Environments

Novem provides a single platform view for the 9 elements of healthy, safe, sustainable environments as defined here.


Environmental, Social & Governance

Data insights enable a reduction in carbon impact while driving improvements toward an equitable, just, and regenerative economy with data monetization.


Data Governance

Data governance through privacy, storage, manipulation, and management are a core Novem discipline. We provide an opportunity to transform building portfolios and systems data into an asset.


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

We provide real-time corrective guidance and response protocols for indoor air quality, health, wellness, productivity, and peace of mind.


Intelligent Lighting

Modern lighting methods can reduce fire risk and improve energy usage with intelligent control strategies. Improve bottom line  while enhancing health and wellness of your employees.


Water Quality & Leak Detection

Positively impact cost, water damage reduction and risk management, while mitigating water bacterium with our supporting and proactive response protocols .


Safety & Security

We apply Attack Tree Risk management models enabling analysts to make risk-based decisions for safety and security of occupants, systems assets, and critical infrastructure.


Ambient Noise

Our platform monitors the sound levels in fixed locations using microcontrollers and sensors, allowing data transparency, accountability and creates sustainable environments.


Asset Management

Be proactive in your asset management, maintenance and repairs with our automated continuous commissioning, digital twinning and sensor-enabled software.


Performance Reporting with Transformative Change

Novem applies the exponential attributes to help drive sustainable change with performative outcomes.

Novem Software as a Service Platform

Our purpose-built digital risk management platform continuously senses, thinks, and communicates to alert and enable improvements in risk management through data transparency for healthy sustainable built environments and improved results.


Acquire, measure, normalize


Analyze, anticipate, insight


Prioritize, decide, act, results

Solution Orchestration Results

Data is changing the nature of working relationships between both insurance and real estate portfolio owners. We help leaders who are accountable or responsible for risk management drive change by orchestrating digital solutions and data insights to optimize risk profiles for performance improvement.

Novem provides full-service digital solutions orchestration including digitization of risk management reporting, 24/7 sensor technology and real-time data, data insights on risk, operations, and environmental factors (for example energy and water consumption) all the while supported by exponential change management methodologies.

Industry Challenges We Solve

Insights based on real-time data enable us to deliver results by addressing these challenges.

ESG Transparency

Respond to sustainability and TCFD reporting targets and reduce operating costs through monitoring and optimizing energy, carbon and water usage.

Market Differentiation

Measuring indoor air quality, ESG and safety to provide peace of mind for customers, employees and occupants while demonstrating doing the right thing.

Cost Escalations

Improving operational performance as well as longevity and velocity and cashflow through  data-predicted maintenance.

Occupancy, Attraction & Retention

Providing business clarity for environmental and social sustainability performance.

Health and Wellness

Mitigate incidents within acceptable timeframes with alert-based response protocols  to  ensuring healthy environments with low occupant disruptions.

Real-Time Risk Management

Our data transparency supports conversations for total cost of risk ownership and due-diligence.

Improves Insurance Options

Providing line of sight in one platform for all risk surveys, tracking risk management activity  and monitoring cost escalations allows for collaborative relationships between real estate and insurance companies.

Risk Protocols

Data governance, change management and integrated technologies reduce the total cost of risk and provide actionable insights and data monetization in order to  improve health and sustainability.

Financial Results

Translating ambition and sustainability into action and results is a challenge. Novem creates frameworks for greater financial certainty of risk and operating costs.

Industries We Specialize In

Real Estate
Sports & Entertainment
Cold Chain

About Us

For Real Estate portfolio owners and Insurance corporations’ data is changing the nature of risk and partnerships. Anticipating this change, Novem has assembled an international team of industry executives to lead this transformational change for customer’s exponential results.

Novem partners with the best-in-class technology companies with a solutions orchestration to manage individual organization’s risk by creating data insights to drive results. Helping building owners and operators manage property and casualty related risks, provide a marketing edge, reduce operational costs, and generate new revenue models is central to our methodology. Equally for insurers, this provides transparency of risk and appropriate pricing commensurate to the risk profile while offering a software platform for collaborative customer relations.

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